My Weekly Scrub

My Weekly Scrub


My Weekly Scrub is our best selling 100% natural face scrubs, beautifully packaged in a reusable festive jute bag.

  • choose from superfoods or superfruits. Superfoods is made of superfoods such as avocado, broccoli, hemp and cucumber (funny that!), with crushed quinoa seeds as the gentle exfoliant. Superfruits is made of superfruits such as cranberry, papaya, pomegranate and raspberry. Raspberry seeds serves as the exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.



For an added special touch, you can have the actual product label personalised with the recipient’s name (one word, 15 characters max) or word’s such as ‘mummy’s’ for minimal cost of 50p per gift set. To do this, select yes and type in the name.

Example of a personalised label-


Face Srub


For individual product information, see links below:


Superfoods Face Scrub

Superfruits Face Scrub

Personalised Name
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