Baby J Body & Massage Oil


An inexpensive but wonderful 100% natural gift for a friend or family member who has a little one. A chocolate bauble is included for mum/dad to enjoy.


Our soothing and calming Baby J oil can be used as a nourishing body moisturiser for delicate skin. It will soothe and help young skin flourish. It can be used as a massage oil to harness that special bond between parent and baby.  

  • Grapeseed oil is our main ingredient in our Baby J Oil. It provides excellent lubrication when massaged onto the young skin. It will help to maintain the health of baby/child's skin barrier function. It will act as an excellent emollient to keep moisture locked into the skin, by preventing transepidermal water loss. Young skin will feel soft and supple.
  • Unscented.
  • 100ml


For more information on our Baby J Body & Massage Oil please click here

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