Hello You!

Yay, you've found me?! Welcome, welcome, welcome to J Botanics newly created blog! I've finally gotten round to it, so sorry it has taken me so long.

So it's been a month or so since the official launch of J Botanics, and what a crazy whirlwind of a month it has been. So much positivity flying around for our small little business! We've had jaw-dropping feed back about how it has transformed your skin, how your eczema has calmed, and how you're loving our products. Just wow! Thank you! Who'd have thought, the 2 little 'My's'....both mums, with a story to tell, like no other, could even think about competing against the likes of 'Neal's Yard', 'Clinique', 'Liz Earle' and some of the other big guns. Yikes, what have we let ourselves in for? But hey, we're living by 2 of our favourite sayings in life: 'think positively' and 'shoot for the moon...even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars'. We're living out our passion for clean, honest and nourishing natural skin care. Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

Chicken & Veg Egg Noodle Stir Fry with a mug of Orange Blossom Green Tea

The photo above, this is what i'm currently having for lunch, it's right next to me, as i'm talking to you. Or depending on what time i get to post this live, it might be 'what i had for lunch'. I'll follow this up with a some berries. Pointless information? Perhaps not. What's that saying? 'You are what you eat?' Do the same for your skin, and it'll thank you for it.

So, what can you look forward to when you pop in and see us at our J Botanics Blog?

- lots of impartial tips & advice on how to manage and care for your skin, whether it be dry, oily/combination or sensitive skin. How best to manage skin irritations and flare-ups. What you need more of and what you must avoid.

- we won't just bombard you with our products, in an attempt to make you buy from us. How boring and obvious would that be? That's a promise. Heck, we would even recommend an external product if we are confident it will help you!

- keep you up to date with the latest advances in skin care.

- we will announce any events, competitions and special offers here.

- we welcome comments, feedback, banter, chit chat and importantly your own personal skin care stories and advice...but we'll be keeping our beady eyes peeled for profanity, abuse and just darn right rudeness. Be nice people!

You may be wondering...'who are you, are you a dermatologist?', 'are you qualified to give me skin care advice?'. I certainly wouldn't blame you, i would be asking those same questions myself. Especially if i have a particular skin concern and i worry about break outs and flare-ups. Well, let me try and answer those questions as best i can. No, i am not a dermatologist, i do not have a qualification in 'skin care' as such...ouch, doesn't sound good so far, right? But don't stop reading now. I am a 44 year old woman, who has a strong science educational background (medical science degree and masters in pharmacology). Someone who, after being confronted with a life-changing situation, suffered skin problems but hid it behind makeup (concealer, lashings of powder and bronzer WERE my best friends). Someone who only wants nourishing natural goodness for her son. Someone who decided to go back to her roots and use her knowledge of medical science, to delve deeper into what it takes to have happy healthy skin, the natural way. Combining nature and science...this is what J Botanics is all about. Look at this folder...it contains dozens and dozens of research papers, gathered over the many months and years, to help us formulate a 100% natural skin care range powered by plants and super foods, that is backed up by science.

Until next time, it's over & out from me, My Linh (one of the 2 'My's'). Expect to hear from me or my sister My Yen (the fierce, most inspirational person i know), in the next week or so. Thanks so much for reading J Botanics very first blog post, means a lot.

P.S. Oh...before i go...what would YOU like our next blog post to be about? Please make your suggestion by logging in or by signing up (if you do not have an account with us), and i'll see what i can do! Relevant to skin care please! Please don't ask me to write a blog post on 'how to catch a fly with a pair of chop sticks?'! I've yet to master that one.

Lot of love xxx