from fear to passion. from a dream to reality

from fear to passion

We are sisters, My Linh and My Yen, Co-Founders of J Botanics. We are both married with two young children and this is our story.


Up until 4 years ago we were never ones to read the ingredient's list of any skincare products we bought for ourselves, our husbands or our children. If the word 'natural’ or ‘organic’ was on the packaging, then that was good enough. Like most consumers we trusted that any products labelled as natural or organic, in fact did not have any synthetic or harsh chemicals in them.


When we needed a moisturiser for dry skin, we would buy a product within our budget which claimed to 'intensely moisturise dry skin' without scrutinising the ingredients list. If it is effective then that is what matters right? When we needed a bath wash for our children, we would buy a brand that claims to be ‘natural’ and 'suitable for our children's sensitive skin'. We trusted the labelling information and did not pay much attention to the ingredients list.


This all changed in the months following July of 2015. We were struck with a family tragedy when 'J', our beloved son and nephew was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer. He was 2 months shy of 5 years old. Needless to say, our world turned completely upside down. We became consumed with overwhelming fear. 


Amidst the fear, devastation and uncertainty of ‘J’ having the dreaded 'C', the whole family went into 'fight mode'. We will get him through this. He will beat it. Mummy and daddy will ensure he remains the happy little boy he has always been.


As mum to ‘J’, getting him through the gruelling treatment (9 months of treatment, which included chemotherapy and 3 months in the USA for proton radiotherapy), keeping him well, and ensuring his younger sister’s happiness and wellbeing, all became my new reality. A lifetime of uncertainty would be my new reality. I absolutely knew that I had to give him a fighting chance, by nourishing his body with healthy foods, packed with immune boosting nutrients, essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, even more so than I had previously done.


As aunty to ‘J’ with two young daughters I was also on a mission to go green and organic as much as I possibly could. ‘J’s diagnosed only made me more conscious about what I was putting into mine and my family’s bodies to ensure a healthier life.


Determined to take better care of our health and our families wellbeing, cooking freshly made meals and snacks with organic superfoods, from scratch, without fail became our daily passion. We started to pay more attention to the labels and their ingredients.


As mum to ‘J’ eliminating processed foods fuelled with saturated fats and sugar became a necessity. I found myself obsessively reading the labels of everything I bought (and still do, but to a lesser extent). This was also the point that I started to question the products I was using on 'J's skin. The desire to know exactly what I was using to wash him with, to moisturise him with, and what I was using to calm the dry red sensitive skin he had developed from treatment, led to me discover that, just because the packaging says 'natural' does not necessarily mean it does not contain any synthetic chemicals. I discovered that the skincare products I was using were in fact also packed with nasty synthetic chemical irritants, with shocking and worrying safety profiles. Coupled with the fact that my once youthful and generally vibrant looking skin had developed all the signs of a woman who was chronically sleep deprived, stressed and anxious; dull, dry, break-outs, eczema patches, fine lines and signs of ageing.


'Surely there has to be more natural, safer, effective and affordable alternatives?' The deep-rooted passion we had to do away with products containing synthetic PEGs, SLS/SLES, artificial fragrance/parfum, parabens, phthalates and many more, led us to discover what 'natural skincare' should in fact be.

from a dream to reality

Many months and years following ‘J’s diagnosis, I, J’s mum, spent years researching, learning and making my own limited but effective skincare products that my 2 children could use. Happy in the knowledge that I knew exactly what was being absorbed into their bodies. Moreover, satisfied with the knowledge that the ingredients I was using were 100% safe, and were made from plants and super foods, that would nourish their skin.


 'J' is thankfully doing well, and fast forward to 2020, two sisters have come together to launch J Botanics. A company which prides itself in offering 100% natural, effective skincare inspired by’ J’. 


J Botanics skincare is carefully formulated with nature and science in mind. Each product is meticulously blended by hand in small batches to maintain freshness and quality. Skincare that we can proudly and honestly say is 100% natural, powered only by plants and super foods; even our preservative system we use in our moisturisers, night serums and Baby J moisturiser are 100% natural. We are dedicated to using natural, effective, skin loving and wherever possible, organic ingredients, that will nourish and beautify your skin. We believe that healthy skin is happy skin.


 J Botanics is a small, independent company but an ambitious one. We will be looking to extend our product offering in particular our Baby J range, so please bear with us whilst we work on getting them just right.

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