Welcome to J Botanics, home of 100% natural plant based skin and body care, to give you and your loved ones a daily moment of much needed self care. 


J Botanics is a new, independent and handmade skincare brand, run by 2 sisters My Linh & My Yen. It was born out of a mum's frustration of not being able to find an honestly natural and effective moisturiser for her 5 year old son, J, when he developed sore, inflamed and itchy skin during his cancer treatment. 

I, My Linh (mum to J, who is now 10), was determined to try and avoid prescription steroid creams for him. Using my medical science background, I went on a mission to develop a 100% natural balm and moisturiser for him. Using nutrient dense ingredients, obtained from plants and superfoods, I wanted to bring his skin back to health. With continued use, the results were incredible and steroid treatment was avoided. I went on to make products for my own very stressed, dull and lifeless skin that had developed. The products I had made for myself revived my skin-confidence, self-confidence and gave me daily moments of self care that was all about ME.

Fast forward 4 years, after years of development and necessary testing, J Botanics was launched with my incredible sister, co-founder My Yen.  It has been a journey of pride and discovery. Pride that our products are giving our ever growing J Bo community of customers, the visible benefits of 100% natural nutrient dense self care.

As a brand, with a deep rooted desire to avoid any synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients ourselves, and with family, ethics and integrity at our very core, if we can't do it 100% natural, we won't. Period. With the use of the word natural in the beauty industry unregulated, we will never label our products natural if it isn't 100% natural. 

  • Vegan and eco-friendly

  • Ethical and sustainable

  • Cruelty-Free

  • No Palm Oil

  • No Sulphates

  • No Parabens

  • No PEGs

  • No Petrochemicals

  • No Phthalates


  • No Synthetic Colours

  • No SLS

  • No alcohol denat

  • No fragrance/parfum

  • No synthetic preservatives. Our preservative system is naturally derived and is eco-cert approved.

  • In fact, NO synthetics chemicals that has not been derived from nature

Our curated gift sets focuses on giving a gift of 100% natural and much needed self-care; together with our stand alone products, we want to empower people to take moments that is all about them. Combining nature and science, our products harnesses nature's actives and its ability to calm, soothe, relax and heal.

We are proud to donate 2% of every sale (not profit) to 2 childhood cancer research charities, a commitment we will always make. So, be proud to know that with every product or gift set you purchase here, you are also helping in the fight against childhood cancer. THANK YOU!

Sustainability is always at the forefronts of our minds, and we will continue to take steps to improve our eco-credentials. All our bottles and jars are glass, and the packaging materials we use are fully recyclable. We source our premium, vegan friendly, vastly organic ingredients from sustainable UK suppliers. We are cruelty free and will always be.