Our 100 % Natural Preservative System

Water is a habour for the growth of bacteria, fungi, mould and yeast. It is therefore critically important to protect water based cosmetics with an effective preservative system that prevents contamination. This is not only a legal requirement, but paramount to product and consumer safety. You will find that all legally compliant cosmetic and beauty brands will have a preservative system in their water based creams, serums, lotions and body care products. Unfortunately the market is saturated with the use of synthetic preservatives, as it is generally extremely difficult to preserve a product without one. All water based products, before they are launched to consumers are required to undergo a Preservative Efficacy Test (PET), also known as a Challenge Test.

Here at J Botanics, where our fundamental core value is to be an all natural brand, we are extremely proud that the preservatives we use in our Daily Defence Moisturisers, Age Defy Night Serums and Baby J Moisturiser (which all contain water), are preserved with 100% natural ingredients. We sent these products to Oxford Biosciences Ltd, where they performed a PET for each of these products. We are extremely delighted that they all passed with flying colours! If you would like to see a copy of the certificates, please do contact us on sales@jbotanics.co.uk.

Just a quick note regarding our non water-based products, so that's our balms, face scrubs and cleansing oil. These do not contain a preservative, as it is not a necessity. However, as with all non water-based products on the market, it is very important to follow good practice for using these products. This includes using dry finger(s) to remove the product from the jar, not allowing water or moisture to enter the product, so keeping lid on when not in use and storing it in a dry place.